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Undeclared allergen could lead to product liability claims

Having allergies can be difficult. Food allergies in particular can have serious effects on a person, which is why proper labeling of foods and food products is essential. However, some products may be mislabeled or fail to have declared allergens on the packaging. If this mistake leads to the serious illness or injury of a person, product liability claims could result.

Plastic in hamburger buns could lead to product liability claims

Because most people do not have the time, skills or means to make everything they need in life, they purchase items from stores. While the majority of products are useful and safe, there are instances in which issues with a particular product could pose serious risks to consumers. In fact, if foreign objects end up in food items, consumers may have reason to file product liability claims.

Injuries from trampoline defect may mean product liability claims

Many people purchase items knowing that there is some inherent risk with using them. Typically, if individuals use a product properly, the risks are mitigated. However, when the product also has a defect or other issue that makes it more dangerous, consumers could have reason to file product liability claims if injuries result from the use of that product.

E. coli risk could lead to product liability claims

Most people do their grocery shopping without much thought and consider it a mundane activity. They may have certain brands that they gravitate toward due to taste or quality preference, but they may not think about whether the ingredients may have been contaminated. Unfortunately, contamination can happen for a number of reasons, and if ill effects result from the consumption of a contaminated product, product liability claims may be warranted.

Product liability: 30 babies died while in Fisher-Price sleepers

Many parents say that they have never felt more love for someone than when they had their children. Most Ohio parents would undoubtedly do anything in order to keep their kids safe, including using baby products that would not cause them harm. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to predict when a product may cause harm. In some cases, the discovery may come too late, and product liability claims may result.

Product liability: Frito Lay recalls pita chips over allergy risk

Having food allergies often causes many Ohio residents and people elsewhere to pay close attention to the food they consume. They commonly check packages and ingredients to determine whether their allergen may be present in a particular product. Of course, even taking these precautions may not be enough if a company fails to disclose an allergen or puts a product in the wrong packaging. When this happens, negatively affected consumers may have reason to file product liability claims.


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