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Fatal Ohio truck accident may lead to wrongful death claim

It is not uncommon for car accidents to result in criminal charges. Those charges are especially likely if the accidents cause fatalities. In addition to possible criminal repercussions, such incidents could also lead to civil lawsuits if the families of the victims choose to pursue wrongful death claims.

One family in Ohio may be considering this option after a recent accident. According to reports, a tractor-trailer driver was hauling an oversized load on I-270 when a metal container on the trailer struck an overpass. The collision caused the container to fall from the trailer and strike two vehicles. It was noted that the Ohio Department of Transportation offers alternate routes for drivers carrying oversized loads, but it is up to the drivers to actually follow those routes.

Mistakes by nurses could lead to medical malpractice claims

When a person has to go to the doctor's office or hospital, he or she certainly wants everything to go smoothly. Of course, most patients do not know how long each person on the medical staff has been on the job. It is common for individuals new to the medical field to carry out duties, but it is also common for mistakes to occur that could lead to medical malpractice.

Though Ohio patients undoubtedly appreciate the work that nurses do, it is possible for new nurses to make mistakes. Unfortunately, some common mistakes could have devastating outcomes for patients. For instance, if a nurse gives the wrong medication to a patient, gives the medication to the wrong patient, provides an incorrect dosage or makes other medication-related errors, a patient could have a serious adverse reaction.

Injuries from trampoline defect may mean product liability claims

Many people purchase items knowing that there is some inherent risk with using them. Typically, if individuals use a product properly, the risks are mitigated. However, when the product also has a defect or other issue that makes it more dangerous, consumers could have reason to file product liability claims if injuries result from the use of that product.

Ohio readers may be interested in a recent recall affecting Super Jumper trampolines. According to reports, the 14-foot and 16-foot combo trampolines are being recalled due to the legs breaking off of the trampolines. At the time of the report, 97 complaints about the issue had been filed, and the recall comes from the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission.

Fatal bike accidents increasing even as totals fall

There is some good news for cyclists: In recent years, it looks like fewer of them are getting involved in accidents. They have spent a long time encouraging drivers to share the road safely, and it looks like that is finally paying off. Cyclists crash less often, even as reports show that more and more people have started taking up this hobby -- or using their bikes as a means of transportation.

There is also bad news, however. The same reports have found an increase in deadly accidents. For instance, between 2007 and 2016, government statistics show that there was an increase in fatalities from 701 to 840. Cyclists may get hit less often, but they may not actually be as safe as that makes it sound.

Car accidents: Crash leads to serious injuries for teen, man

Being seriously injured can cause a number of immediate and lasting impacts on a person's life. Unfortunately, most people are at risk of suffering such injuries because they commonly travel the roads on a daily basis. Car accidents can quickly take place and cause more damage than some people could even expect.

It was recently reported that serious injuries resulted from a multi-car crash in Ohio. A 63-year-old man was traveling east when he failed to remain in the correct lane of travel. As his vehicle went into the opposite lane, it struck two other vehicles. One of those vehicles was driven by a 39-year-old woman, and the second was driven by an 18-year-old individual. The woman's vehicle also hit another car due to the impact.

Wrongful death: Alcohol suspected in fatal Ohio crash

It is not uncommon for people to say that another vehicle came out of nowhere after they have been involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, when drivers fail to abide by the rules of the road, it is easy for a vehicle to end up where it is not supposed to be. As a result, serious crashes can take place that may warrant wrongful death claims.

It was recently reported that a sudden collision in Ohio resulted in the death of one individual. A 20-year-old man was driving a vehicle east when another vehicle collided with the side of his vehicle. It was noted that the incident took place on Interstate 70, but additional information on how the crash occurred was not given in the report. The report did state, however, that alcohol was a factor in the accident.

E. coli risk could lead to product liability claims

Most people do their grocery shopping without much thought and consider it a mundane activity. They may have certain brands that they gravitate toward due to taste or quality preference, but they may not think about whether the ingredients may have been contaminated. Unfortunately, contamination can happen for a number of reasons, and if ill effects result from the consumption of a contaminated product, product liability claims may be warranted.

Ohio residents may be interested in a recent recall that affects a product in the state. According to reports, Brand Castle, LLC, is voluntarily recalling glass jars of cookie and brownie mix. The mixes come in 25 and 32 ounce jars and contain flour that may have been contaminated with E. coli. ADM Milling Co. provided the flour to Brand Castle for the mixes and has recalled the flour due to a single lot code being affected by E. coli.

Medical malpractice claim successful after surgery injury

Suffering a serious medical issue due to the actions of a doctor can cause a great deal of mistrust for patients. They may have entered into the doctor-patient relationship with the trust needed to move forward with an important procedure, but when mistakes or lack of information lead to negative outcomes, they may no longer feel as if that relationship lived up to expectations. These feelings and the harm suffered can often warrant medical malpractice claims.

Ohio readers may be interested in a suit that was filed by a couple after a woman had to have a hysterectomy. According to reports, a Cesarean section was utilized when it was time for the woman to give birth, and two months after the procedure, it was discovered that she had placental tissue in her uterus. The doctor utilized a procedure to remove the tissue, but he did not utilize visual assistance, such as a scope or ultrasound. He also did not inform the woman that using visual assistance was an option.

Medical malpractice case reaches $5 million settlement

Suffering from a medical issue can cause any Ohio resident to want to find prompt relief. Of course, many conditions do not have treatments that will quickly or immediately fix a problem. In fact, some issues may require surgery to address. Unfortunately, in some cases, mistakes could take place that result in a surgery causing more harm than good, and a patient may have reason to review legal options for a medical malpractice claim.

One woman in another state decided to take such action after suffering negative outcomes after surgery. Reports indicated that the woman went to a university hospital due to experiencing numbness and back pain. She underwent a spinal decompression surgery at the hospital, but rather than fixing her issues, she became paralyzed from the mid-back down. As a result, she and her husband filed suit in 2015.

Common questions facing those who just became paralyzed

An injury that leads to paralysis doesn't come with any warning. In one day, your entire life changes.

Maybe it's a car accident, with another driver running a red light. Maybe it's a bicycle accident when a car cuts you off. Maybe it's a botched surgery in the hospital, as a surgeon causes irreparable damage.


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