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Impaired truck drivers cause serious accidents

Do you often think about how dangerous it is to drive near a semi-truck when you have to pass one on the highway? For many people, that's a crucial moment. It's very easy to understand how small your vehicle really is and how much danger you could face if that driver makes a mistake and hits your car. The semi driver may be fine, but you could suffer catastrophic injuries or even get killed in the wreck.

The risks only increase when that truck driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, despite laws against it, impaired driving is something that happens day in and day out in the United States.

Ohio car accident claims lives of 2 individuals

Each person's life has a different path to take. While some may live long and happy lives, others may have their lives stopped short due to a serious accident. Unfortunately, a car accident can easily claim the lives of those involved, and families can be left wondering why this outcome happened.

It was recently reported that a two-vehicle accident in Ohio proved fatal. Details regarding the event indicated that an 18-year-old man was driving a vehicle east when he failed to stay on the roadway. His vehicle veered left, traveled over the dividing median and was hit by a westbound vehicle. A 45-year-old woman was driving the westbound vehicle that collided with the young man's car.

Head-on crash injures 4, including child, in Ohio

Head-on collisions can be some of the worst accidents to take place on roadways. In most cases, individuals do not have enough time to react and get out of the way before an on-coming vehicle crashes into their vehicle. Unfortunately, a head-on crash can easily lead to severe injuries for those involved.

It was recently reported that a head-on collision took place in Ohio. According to reports, a woman, whose age was given as 21 years old, was traveling north when she failed to stay in the correct lane. As a result, her vehicle collided with another vehicle that was traveling in the southbound lane. The driver of the southbound vehicle was reported as being a 34-year-old man. A 34-year-old female passenger and a 6-year-old child were also involved in the incident.

Undeclared allergen could lead to product liability claims

Having allergies can be difficult. Food allergies in particular can have serious effects on a person, which is why proper labeling of foods and food products is essential. However, some products may be mislabeled or fail to have declared allergens on the packaging. If this mistake leads to the serious illness or injury of a person, product liability claims could result.

Ohio readers may be interested in a product recall affecting food products shipped to the state. Blue Grass Quality Meats issued a recall for over 121,000 pounds of ready-to-eat turkey products and pork bacon. The report indicated that these products contain soy, which is a known allergen for many people, but the packaging does not declare that soy is in the products.

Standard of care is meant to improve patient care

People receiving medical care count on doctors to do what they can to treat their conditions. Most doctors do this without any issues, however, some don't provide care that meets the minimum standards. The standard of care is based on many factors, including the information the doctor has and their training.

Many medical malpractice cases have to do with a doctor who doesn't meet the standard of care that applies in a case. Since there are so many variables, these cases are difficult to prove. They often depend on having a medical expert testify about what standard of care applies in each situation. Since the medical community is so close, this can be challenging due to the conspiracy of silence, but there are professionals who are willing to put patients first.

Rear-end collisions can prove fatal, especially with big rigs

Sitting in traffic is no one's idea of a fun time. Of course, many people get caught up in traffic at various times of the day, and they may even come to a complete stop. Unfortunately, if another driver approaching the stopped traffic does not slow down in time, it is possible for a collision to occur that could prove fatal.

It was recently reported that a fatal crash took place under such circumstances in Ohio. Apparently, a 69-year-old woman was driving a minivan and was stopped on the roadway due to traffic. Her vehicle was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer. Another three vehicles were involved in the incident, including another tractor-trailer and two additional passenger vehicles.

Researching doctors for medical malpractice may be wise

Going to a doctor can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many people. They may just generally have feelings of anxiety regarding such events, or they may fear that they will receive bad news. In any case, they want their doctors to be professional and competent, which is why many people choose to research doctors for medical malpractice before going in.

If Ohio patients are interested in doing their research, they can start by doing a background search on a specific doctor. The Federation of State Medical Board's Physician Data Center website can provide information about a doctor's certifications, areas with active licenses, actions against the doctor and the doctor's education. Interested parties can also check the state licensing board to determine whether a doctor's license has ever been suspended.

Wrongful death: Ohio crash claims life, injures others

No one's safety is guaranteed when traveling on the road. Even safe drivers can become victims of accidents caused by other people. In far too many cases, these accidents have fatal outcomes that can leave surviving loved ones searching for answers and, possibly, recompense through wrongful death claims.

It was recently reported that one crash in Ohio had fatal results. Apparently, the driver of an SUV was trying to merge onto a highway when that driver lost control of the vehicle. As a result, the SUV traveled across four lanes of traffic and was hit by a minivan. The collision caused the minivan to overturn, and it was then hit by a car. The incident occurred around 7 a.m.

Appeals help denied claims but not if companies act in bad faith

Having insurance can seem like a blessing and a curse to many Ohio residents. They may appreciate that part or all of their medical bills are paid when needed, but they may not appreciate having high premiums and deductibles. They may also be less than appreciative when an insurance company acts in bad faith and unnecessarily denies a claim.

If a person files an insurance claim and it comes back denied, it can spur a number of emotions. The individual may wonder why it was denied, what he or she will do without the coverage and whether there are options for reviewing the claim. In many cases, individuals can appeal a denied claim, and often, appeals can be successful for the claimant.

Wrong-way accidents can cause life-threatening injuries

No one wants to be traveling a roadway and suddenly see headlights coming from the wrong direction. Wrong-way accidents are not an uncommon occurrence, and they often lead to head-on collisions. Unfortunately, this type of crash can also result in those involved suffering serious injuries.

It was recently reported that a multi-vehicle crash in Ohio caused harm to several people. The incident occurred on Interstate 74 at approximately 2:30 a.m. Apparently, a 46-year-old man was driving east in the westbound lanes of the road and crashed into a vehicle driven by a 24-year-old man. The vehicle that was hit was also carrying two adult passengers and two children. The wrong-way vehicle eventually came to a stop but was hit by at least two more vehicles.


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