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Could you have PTSD after an injury?

When you suffer physical injuries, most of them will likely heal in time. Yes, it may take tens of thousands of dollars in hospital care, and it may take years, but your body will heal.  But what if your mind doesn’t? Could you still suffer from post-traumatic stress...

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What are bedsores?

If you have an aging loved one in need of advanced medical care, a nursing home might be the best possible option. As hard as it is to place a loved one in a nursing facility, it is in their best interest if they require daily care, or are experiencing the effects of...

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Laws protect nursing home residents

Putting your family member in a nursing home is a tough decision. The questions mount. Is this a good place? Will the staff take care of my parent? How can I trust these people with my loved one? State and federal laws that apply to long-term care facilities may help...

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