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Medical evidence could help your product liability claim

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Product Liability

Manufacturers have a legal obligation to ensure the products they release to consumers are safe and do not pose an unnecessary danger when used for their intended purpose. Therefore, you could be entitled to compensation if a defective product harmed you.

Such defects may occur in a product’s design, failure to warn of possible risks, improper warning labels or even incorrect user instructions. While you may have a valid product liability claim, it is crucial to take steps that will increase the chances of a positive outcome. Seeking medical attention after the accident should be among your immediate steps.

Why a doctor’s report is important

You need formal documentation of the nature and degree of the injuries caused by the defective product, something a medical report can provide. Such information can help shed light on the circumstances of your accident and assess the damages. It will also be hard to downplay your injuries with sufficient medical proof.

For instance, if you missed work due to your injuries, you may claim lost wages as part of the compensation package. However, you must show how your injuries prevent you from working and how long you are likely to be out of work. Without a doctor’s account of your physical state, it can be hard to establish this.

Get help with your product liability claim

It is best to seek appropriate counsel as soon as possible if you suffer injuries caused by a defective product. Such claims can get complicated, and you may find yourself in a legal showdown with established manufacturers who are out to protect their interests.

It could be a happy ending for your claim if you know what you need to do and the pitfalls to avoid in pursuit of compensation.