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Can video evidence strengthen your auto crash claim?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Even when you know you did nothing to cause or contribute to your vehicle accident, you may still be worried about getting a fair settlement. Many victims must fight for fair compensation in the wake of a crash.

Hard evidence proving that the other driver is at fault for the crash can substantially improve your insurance compensation. An often-overlooked form of evidence is video footage of the crash. The possibility that such footage exists somewhere does not occur to many crash victims.

Potential sources of recorded evidence

If you have a dashcam in your vehicle, you may already have sufficient video evidence. However, dashcam footage does not always focus on the area of the vehicle impact. In such circumstances, try searching for footage from other sources like those below:

  • Police car cameras
  • Dashcam footage from nearby motorists
  • Video surveillance from homes in the area
  • Security footage from commercial establishments
  • Videos recorded on cellphones by witnesses or passers-by

If the area where the crash occurred uses traffic light cameras, that may also be a potential source of evidence.

An advocate can obtain such footage

Most people aren’t going to hand over their video recordings just because you ask nicely. However, you can increase your odds of success if a legal professional requests video access.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, moving images depicting the details of your car accident could be worth thousands of dollars. To further help ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve, learn more about the laws that govern car accident compensation here in Ohio.