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Spring motorcycle safety must be prioritized

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Auto Accidents

As the temperatures get warmer and the weather gets nicer, motorcyclists are going to head out on the roads again. It’s everyone’s duty to make sure that these individuals have a chance to make it home safely. Motorcyclists need to follow proper safety procedures. Other drivers must watch for motorcycles.

One of the primary issues with motorcycles is that they have a small profile. This makes them hard to see, especially when there are things that cover up the motorcycle. For example, bushes near an intersection may look visually appealing. However, they can block a motorist at the intersection from seeing the motorcyclist.

Avoid dangerous behaviors

All drivers, including motorcyclists, must ensure they’re in the proper shape to drive. Being distracted, fatigued or impaired can lead to wrecks. All drivers must keep a close watch for motorcycles. Many crashes are caused by the driver refusing to give a motorcyclist their due right-of-way, so following traffic laws can help to keep motorcyclists safe.

Drivers should realize that things they don’t have to worry about can be dangerous to a motorcyclist. For example, a car can travel over grass clippings without any problem. A motorcycle going over the grass clippings is akin to driving on ice, so motorcyclists have to try to drive around the clippings. They need motorists to give them the space to do so.

Any motorcyclist who suffers an injury in a crash should ensure they get the medical care they need. This can be costly and time-consuming because these injuries might be catastrophic. Those motorcyclists can opt to pursue a claim for compensation from the driver whose negligence led to the crash. Damages, including medical expenses, can be included in this claim. Ohio has time limits for getting these cases filed, so be sure to act quickly.