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Recalled aromatic candles can pose fire and laceration risks

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2022 | Product Liability

If you spend $32 on a single candle, you expect that candle to burn smoothly and smell wonderful. The reason people spend so much money on name-brand candles is for the fragrance and the way these products can enhance a living space.

Unfortunately, a popular brand of candles is currently subject to a recall affecting over 19,000 units in the United States alone. People who bought these candles but have not yet burned them can return them to the store because of the risk.

Why would a company recall a candle?

Anthropologie is a well-known home goods and clothing brand in North America. They can charge a premium price for products that are much cheaper at other stores and from other brands. People who purchased their Anecdote Autumn Glass Candles in 2021 will need to return those candles if they have not already burned them.

At least nine consumers have reported that the candles flame up to unsafe levels and crack or break the surrounding glass while in use. When this occurs directly in front of someone, the result might be property damage or lacerations to a person nearby hit by the glass as the jar breaks. However, if this occurs when someone has stepped out of the room, a fire could result.

Defective products can cause life-altering injuries and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage losses. When a company initiates a recall, consumers can typically return defective items for a replacement. However, the recall does not fully absolve the manufacturer of liability.

Realizing that you have the right to take legal action when hurt by a defective product could help you recover from the losses you suffered because of poor manufacturing or quality assurance practices.