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3 common causes of truck malfunctions

| Oct 29, 2021 | Auto Accidents

People across Ohio take to the road for many of their daily activities. Unfortunately, accidents are a fairly regular occurrence. Crashes involving trucks and larger commercial vehicles present unique dangers. A collision that involves a tractor-trailer can be quite catastrophic given the sheer size of trucks. 

Often, when considering collisions, the focus centers around errors that a driver might have made. While driver error is a factor in many cases, accidents can also occur through no driver’s fault. Vehicle malfunctions may also result in devastating collisions. Outlined below are three common causes of truck malfunctions. 

Defective design 

Typically, careful consideration will be given to the design of a truck during the manufacturing process. However, it may not be known precisely how effective the design is until the vehicle is released onto the roads. 

Trucks are generally required to travel considerable distances. Furthermore, their employers generally expect them to carry heavy loads. Occasionally, designs simply do not meet the expected requirements, which can lead to serious accidents. 

Flaws with essential parts of the vehicle 

Even in cases where the design is suitable, flaws might exist among specific parts of the vehicle. The potential for an accident will depend highly on which part of the vehicle is faulty. For example, brakes or tires that are not performing optimally present a significant risk of a collision. 

Improper maintenance 

Both companies and drivers are legally required to carry out regular inspections on their vehicles. Occasionally, due to tight deadlines and financial pressures, the parties responsible may be tempted to cut corners. However, the consequences of this can be devastating. The negligent maintenance of trucks is a common cause of road traffic accidents. 

Understanding the common causes of truck malfunctions could help ensure your safety. There are legal options open to you if you have been injured in a truck-involved accident.