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Could you have PTSD after an injury?

| Apr 28, 2021 | Injuries

When you suffer physical injuries, most of them will likely heal in time. Yes, it may take tens of thousands of dollars in hospital care, and it may take years, but your body will heal. 

But what if your mind doesn’t? Could you still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder long after getting injured? 

PTSD is a real issue that can change your life

The short answer, of course, is that you can have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after getting injured. The event that caused that injury is traumatic, and you can’t predict how you will react mentally and emotionally to it. 

PTSD is more common than many people realize. As much as between 20 and 51% of those individuals who suffer orthopedic injuries receive PTSD diagnoses. 

What does this mean for you? It all depends. Some individuals suffer from constant anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks. Others generally feel fine most of the time but may experience paralyzing triggering events on occasion. Someone who suffers injuries may be unable to drive or work again after their accident. 

PTSD can also impact relationships. It can change your mood. It can also cause you to drift away from your spouse and cause marital strife resulting in your divorce. You may physically recover, but that does not mean that life is ever going to be the same again. 

What can you do if you have PTSD?

The persistent memories of your accident or injury may seem inescapable if you have PTSD. You may require long-term treatment. That can be quite costly. Fortunately, Ohio law may allow you to recover compensation in instances in which someone else hurts you. An attorney can advise you whether you’re eligible to do so in your case.