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3 Injured in Sidney crash leaves damage and questions

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Auto Accidents

Speed and attention combine in the worst ways on the road sometimes, which can lead to accidents that leave ripples in the lives of those involved. No matter who is at fault in a catastrophic crash, everyone affected has to deal with some fallout. 

As authorities continue to investigate a two-vehicle crash in Sidney, Ohio, details surface that shows more than drivers see the effects of traffic accidents. 

Heavy damage to cars, people and power

A white SUV collided into the rear of a minivan. The crash caused severe damage to both vehicles, as well as minor damage to a third nearby vehicle, a utility pole and a cinder block garage. Nearby homes lost power due to the downed utility lines. 

Emergency services took one person from the SUV and two from the minivan to Wilson Health for injuries sustained. Authorities reportedly extricated one occupant from the minivan wreckage. One person from the minivan needed a flight to Miami Valley Hospital. 

A dog riding in the SUV survived unhurt. The condition of the three injury victims is unknown. 

Mysteries that still need solving

Who is to blame? What is the extent of the damage? Did the loss of power affect anyone adversely? People often want answers right away, but they may not come quickly in a situation like this. The amount of moving pieces in this case resists simplicity. 

These kinds of accidents change lives — often for the worst. As Ohio is an at-fault state, the damage done here requires careful investigation, attention and clarity to make sure that those victims of this collision receive the necessary compensation they need to continue their lives without this weighing on them.