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Running late and the risk of a bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2020 | Auto Accidents

Many people enjoy riding a bicycle in their free time or as a way to get exercise. However, some bicyclists do not have any other means of transportation because their vehicle is in the shop or they do not even own a vehicle. As with others trying to get to work every morning, there are times when bicyclists are running late, causing them to ride faster or pay less attention to risk factors that increase the chances of an accident.

It is especially important for bicyclists to avoid dangerous scenarios on the road and make their safety a top priority. Riding a bicycle is a great way to get exercise, save money and help the environment. However, it comes with the risk of a traffic accident.

Riding too fast

Sometimes, bicyclists ride very fast when they are short on time. Not only does this increase the chances of them falling off of their bike or losing control, but it also leads to a greater chance of a collision with a vehicle. For example, bicyclists who travel very fast are sometimes struck by drivers who have little time to respond to a situation on the road and they are more likely to run through stop signs or make other errors.

Negligent drivers

There are many reckless drivers on the road, such as those who get behind the wheel while drunk and those who disregard traffic safety laws. When a bicyclist is in a rush, they are less likely to avoid accidents caused by these drivers. Bicyclists involved in accidents on the road need to look over the details of what occurred and figure out if further action from a legal standpoint is necessary. Review our accidents page for more on this topic.