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Mother to receive millions in medical malpractice settlement

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Medical And Professional Malpractice

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times in many people’s lives. While Ohio residents know that any number of issues could arise during the pregnancy and delivery, they anticipate their doctors and other medical staff members doing everything they can to avoid unnecessary complications. Unfortunately, not all staff members avoid errors, and medical malpractice claims could result.

One woman in another state recently came to a settlement out of court in regard to a malpractice claim she filed. The woman had gone into labor in 2016, and though her baby was delivered the next day, the child went into fetal distress at some point before the delivery. As a result, the baby suffered severe brain damage, which the mother believes is the fault of hospital staff members for failing to recognize the distress.

The mother first filed suit in 2017, and the case came to a settlement of $3.55 million this year. It was noted that the defendants did not admit any type of liability in relation to the case. The report also stated that 90% of the settlement amount will be placed in a trust and will go toward the care of the child.

Knowing that medical negligence contributed to a child’s injury can be devastating for a family. Ohio residents who have been affected by medical malpractice may want to consider their legal options in hopes of pursuing compensation for resulting damages. As this case shows, a settlement or successful claim overall could help affected individuals and families receive monetary relief that could go toward addressing the resulting hardships.