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Appeals help denied claims but not if companies act in bad faith

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Bad Faith Denial Of Patient's Claim For Medical Insurance

Having insurance can seem like a blessing and a curse to many Ohio residents. They may appreciate that part or all of their medical bills are paid when needed, but they may not appreciate having high premiums and deductibles. They may also be less than appreciative when an insurance company acts in bad faith and unnecessarily denies a claim.

If a person files an insurance claim and it comes back denied, it can spur a number of emotions. The individual may wonder why it was denied, what he or she will do without the coverage and whether there are options for reviewing the claim. In many cases, individuals can appeal a denied claim, and often, appeals can be successful for the claimant.

When attempting an appeal, it is important that individuals understand their insurance coverage. If they are certain what their policies cover and know that the denial should not have occurred, they may have a better chance at a successful appeal. During this process, it is important that individuals understand appeal deadlines and gather evidence that can help support their claims. A successful appeal could make a substantial difference for someone who faced an initial denial.

Of course, some appeals are not successful, and it may not be because of anything the claimant did wrong. Some insurance companies may act in bad faith by not covering claims that they should. If Ohio residents believe that their claims should be covered under their insurance policies and that their companies are unjustly denying them, they may want to look into their legal options for remedying the situation.