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Medical malpractice claim successful after surgery injury

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Medical And Professional Malpractice

Suffering a serious medical issue due to the actions of a doctor can cause a great deal of mistrust for patients. They may have entered into the doctor-patient relationship with the trust needed to move forward with an important procedure, but when mistakes or lack of information lead to negative outcomes, they may no longer feel as if that relationship lived up to expectations. These feelings and the harm suffered can often warrant medical malpractice claims.

Ohio readers may be interested in a suit that was filed by a couple after a woman had to have a hysterectomy. According to reports, a Cesarean section was utilized when it was time for the woman to give birth, and two months after the procedure, it was discovered that she had placental tissue in her uterus. The doctor utilized a procedure to remove the tissue, but he did not utilize visual assistance, such as a scope or ultrasound. He also did not inform the woman that using visual assistance was an option.

After the procedure, the woman continued to have health issues and went to a different doctor to have more placental tissue removed. The second doctor discovered that the first doctor has perforated the woman’s uterus, and due to additional complications, the woman had a hysterectomy. The lawsuit claimed that if the woman had known that visual assistance was an option for the first procedure, she would have insisted on its use. The legal claim against the doctor recently came to a jury ruling in which they awarded the woman and her husband $435,000, which state caps reduced to $300,000.

Medical malpractice is a serious matter, and some patients may not even be fully aware that they could seek recompense for damages suffered due to negligence on the part of medical staff. If Ohio residents believe that they have been harmed due to similar circumstances, they may wish to gain information on this type of legal claim. Discussing their particular concerns and obtaining an assessment from legal professionals could be useful.