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Car accident involving teen driver leads to injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Auto Accidents, Truck & Bike Accidents

Teenagers love getting out on the road and having the freedom to take themselves and their friends where they want to go. Still, that freedom also needs to be accompanied by responsible actions because a car accident could take place in an instant. These incidents can easily cause injuries and claim lives.

Three teenagers were recently injured in a single-car accident in Ohio. According to reports, they were the occupants of a vehicle traveling north when the 17-year-old driver swerved in attempts to avoid colliding with an oncoming vehicle when they reached the top of a hill. That action caused the driver to lose control and leave the road. The vehicle then collided with multiple trees before the vehicle was sheared in half.

All three teens were thrown from the vehicle, and authorities suspect that seat belts had not been used. One of the passengers was flown from the scene by medical helicopter, and the driver and other passenger were taken to an area hospital by ambulance. At the time of the report, it was unclear what exact injuries they may have suffered. Authorities were continuing to investigate to determine causes, but the weather was possibly a contributing factor.

Even teenagers need to be held responsible for their actions, and this  car accident could warrant legal claims for personal injury. The parents of the injured passengers may have reason to file such claims against the driver of the vehicle and any other parties considered liable in the injury-causing incident. Gaining information on this option from Ohio legal resources may give them valuable insight.