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Standing Against The Worst Types Of Police Misconduct

Police have a great deal of power, and not all officers use that power responsibly. When officers abuse their position of power, either through negligence or violence, it causes suffering for the people the police are sworn to serve and protect.

Victims of extreme police misconduct often feel the system here in Ohio is against them in pursuing justice. You are not alone. The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, has the experience, knowledge and resources to seek the fair compensation you deserve for the serious injuries police inflicted upon you.

What Is Police Misconduct?

Police misconduct includes many actions, but the most severe abuses lead to significant injuries or death. This can be:

  • Excessive force that leads to significant, long-lasting injuries or death
  • Police pursuits that result in serious injury or death
  • Wrongful and unjustified police shootings
  • Severe taser injuries and deaths
  • Catastrophic injuries or death caused by lack of proper police supervision or training

The most egregious breaches occur where the police are directly responsible for harming people in our community. Successful police misconduct cases must involve serious abuses or brutality by the police that result in catastrophic and measurable physical damages to the victim. In such situations, we want to help you pursue these claims and hold the Ohio police accountable for the harm they cause.

What To Do After An Incident Of Police Brutality?

Many people who are victims of police brutality or misconduct do not know what to do after an incident happens. If your rights were violated by law enforcement, these are some of the best steps to take:

  • Document the incident: Record everything as soon as possible. An accurate and detailed report of the event is critical. Take photos of your injuries or have a family member or friend do so if you are unable to.
  • See a doctor: Seek medical treatment immediately. Having medical records documenting your physical injuries is vital to your case.
  • Identify and speak to witnesses: If possible, record testimony of what family members, friends, pedestrians, street vendors or other individuals witnessed at the scene. It is also very important to get the names and phone numbers of the people who witnessed the incident and who can support your claims of police misconduct leading to serious physical injury.

It is a grave injustice to be mistreated by the individuals who are supposed to be trained to protect you.

A Free Consultation With A Dedicated Firm

At The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, we devote our time, energy and resources to taking on select cases so that we can provide you and your case with more attention and greater focus to maximize your results.

If you or a loved one is the victim of extreme misconduct or excessive force by police that resulted in a serious injury, call us at 216-815-3574 or send an email with the details of your case. Initial consultations are always free. From our office in Lakewood, we help people throughout Cleveland and northeast Ohio.