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Holding Negligent Doctors, Nurses And Hospitals Accountable Throughout Ohio

According to the Journal of Patient Safety, up to 440,000 patients die each year from preventable medical errors. Contrary to the propaganda that insurance companies and hospitals want people to believe, the United States Congressional Budget Office has determined that medical negligence lawsuits amount to just one-half of 1 percent of all health care costs. Despite that fact, many people remain suspicious of lawyers and patients who sue doctors and hospitals when preventable medical errors occur. For this reason, The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, has developed a very focused approach to the medical negligence cases it will handle. Only important cases found to have merit and supported by both the evidence and the law are pursued. Simply put, we do not pursue “frivolous lawsuits.”

When preventable medical errors happen, The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, is fully equipped to thoroughly investigate whether a preventable medical error occurred and whether you or your family may be entitled to compensation to make up for these wrongs.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to medical or doctor’s negligence, call our office in Lakewood, Ohio, today at 216-815-3574, or send us a message online so we can promptly arrange for a free consultation. We proudly provide Ohio medical malpractice lawyer representation for victims throughout Ohio, including in Cleveland, Lakewood, Akron, Canton, Medina, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown, Parma, Lorain, Elyria, Mansfield and throughout Ohio.

Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney Will Find The Answers You Deserve

When medical errors happen and result in serious injuries or death, patients and their family members want to learn what happened, why it happened and whether it was preventable if reasonable medical care had been provided. But sometimes, patients and their family members are stonewalled in their search for the truth. The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, is dedicated to providing Ohio medical malpractice attorney representation so victims and their family members can discover whether preventable errors were made, learn the truth and obtain the maximum available compensation when a serious injury or death was avoidable.

We are very selective in medical negligence cases we will handle and only take on cases that are determined to have merit after a comprehensive investigation into the facts and evidence in any given case. When valid claims involving preventable errors are found to exist, we will vigorously and ethically pursue all of your legal rights and fight hard for the full and fair compensation you and your family deserve.

We provide personalized and hands-on Ohio medical malpractice lawyer representation throughout Ohio for clients who are victims of the following types of preventable medical errors:

  • Birth Injuries: Ohio birth injury lawyer representation for serious injuries or death caused by C-section mistakes, bone fractures, pre-eclampsia, fetal distress, uterine ruptures, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, brain injuries or spinal cord injuries.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: Ohio brain injury lawyer representation for children and adults suffering from the effects of permanent and catastrophic brain injuries, including from preventable strokes and negligently performed brain surgeries (including shunt revision and other surgical procedures).
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Ohio spinal cord injury lawyer representation, including for clients with quadriplegia, paraplegia, tetraplegia, and other permanent and catastrophic neurological injuries cause by preventable medical errors.
  • Surgical Errors: Ohio medical malpractice attorney representation for preventable surgical errors by Ohio doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.
  • Hospital Negligence and Emergency Room Errors: Ohio medical malpractice attorney representation for hospital negligence and emergency room errors, including failure or delay in diagnosing a stroke, heart attack or cancer; errors in prescribing or administering medication; failure to perform or properly interpret diagnostic tests; failure to timely treat serious medical conditions; and failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of a serious medical condition.
  • Nursing Negligence: Ohio nursing negligence attorney representation for the negligence committed by nurses, including medication errors, failing to monitor a patient’s vital signs and conditions, failing to communicate with or timely contact a doctor or injuring a patient with medical equipment.
  • Medication and Prescription Errors: Ohio medication and prescription errors attorney representation, including for opioid and painkiller overdose.
  • Lack of Informed Consent: Ohio medical malpractice lawyer representation for serious injuries or death caused by failing to obtain the patient’s informed consent for a course of treatment, surgical procedure or experimental procedure.

The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, prides itself in taking on causes, not merely cases. We do not advertise on buses, billboards or television. We instead devote our professional time, focus, attention and resources to working on our clients’ cases, pursuing full justice after it has been determined that a case has merit, and preparing for trial. While law firms have the right to advertise, we believe that excessive lawyer advertising has contributed to the negative stereotyping of lawyers who represent victims, particularly those with valid claims. We are not a volume-based practice. We are instead dedicated to handling very selective and important causes, not simply cases, and to working very hard to maximize our clients’ recoveries and to effectuating change in how health care is delivered throughout Ohio.

Ohio’s One-Year Statute Of Limitations For Medical Malpractice Claims

Under Ohio law, there are strict time limits for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Generally speaking, there is a one-year statute of limitations period for filing a lawsuit from the date of the malpractice, although certain limited exceptions may apply to extend that time period. Due to these very strict time limitations, and the complex laws that apply, you should promptly consult with an experienced Akron or Cleveland medical malpractice attorney if you believe you or your family may have valid claims to pursue.

If you or a loved one has suffered a medical injury due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse or hospital, call our Lakewood, Ohio, office today at 216-815-3574, or email us so we can promptly schedule a free initial consultation to evaluate your claims.