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Work zone crashes on the rise across Ohio

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Auto Accidents

No one likes to see road construction when traveling across Ohio, but research shows that number of crashes, injuries and fatalities taking place in Ohio’s work zones is increasing. Numbers reveal that 2019 was an especially deadly time year for work zone crashes, with the state seeing more wrecks in these areas in 2019 than in any year prior.

According to Cleveland 19, the state saw 6,574 total crashes take place in its construction zones in 2019. Those 6,574 work zone car crashes resulted in 1,121 injuries and 16 road deaths.

Hazards created by work zones

As communities grow and expand into more rural areas, the need for road work to accommodate them grows. More work zones mean more detours, more trucks and more obstructions in the roadway, all of which have the potential to cause crashes. Loose gravel and uneven pavement may, too, increase work zone crash risks.

Hazards created by negligent drivers in work zones

Often, the primary causes of work zone car crashes are other drivers, rather than hazards associated directly with ongoing construction. The most common work zone car crash is a rear-end collision. Such collisions often occur as a result of drivers either speeding or following too closely behind the vehicles in front of them. Driver distraction and alcohol abuse are also frequent factors in work zone car crashes.

The Ohio Department of Transportation urges you and all motorists to slow down and pay close attention when navigating work zones. Make sure, too, to leave adequate space for flaggers and others to work in the roads.