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Injuries from trampoline defect may mean product liability claims

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Product Liability

Many people purchase items knowing that there is some inherent risk with using them. Typically, if individuals use a product properly, the risks are mitigated. However, when the product also has a defect or other issue that makes it more dangerous, consumers could have reason to file product liability claims if injuries result from the use of that product.

Ohio readers may be interested in a recent recall affecting Super Jumper trampolines. According to reports, the 14-foot and 16-foot combo trampolines are being recalled due to the legs breaking off of the trampolines. At the time of the report, 97 complaints about the issue had been filed, and the recall comes from the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission.

The products were sold online and could be purchased from various retailers, including Amazon and Overstock. If individuals have purchased these trampolines, they should discontinue use and contact the company for a repair kit. The report also indicated that at least four people have suffered injuries as a result of this product defect. The extent of those injuries and the ages of those injured were not disclosed.

When injuries result due to a faulty product, the affected parties may need medical attention and could have lasting difficulties relating to those injuries. There may also be reason to hold the companies associated with the defective products liable for the harmful outcomes. If Ohio residents have been injured by these trampolines or other items, they may wish to look into their options for filing product liability claims.