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Medical malpractice case reaches $5 million settlement

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Medical And Professional Malpractice

Suffering from a medical issue can cause any Ohio resident to want to find prompt relief. Of course, many conditions do not have treatments that will quickly or immediately fix a problem. In fact, some issues may require surgery to address. Unfortunately, in some cases, mistakes could take place that result in a surgery causing more harm than good, and a patient may have reason to review legal options for a medical malpractice claim.

One woman in another state decided to take such action after suffering negative outcomes after surgery. Reports indicated that the woman went to a university hospital due to experiencing numbness and back pain. She underwent a spinal decompression surgery at the hospital, but rather than fixing her issues, she became paralyzed from the mid-back down. As a result, she and her husband filed suit in 2015.

The lawsuit indicated that no surgical drains were utilized to drain blood and other fluids after her surgery, and material used to stop bleeding during surgery was not removed before the surgical incisions were closed. As a result, she had to undergo an emergency exploration and have drains put in place. Still, she suffered a thoracic spinal cord injury. Earlier this year, her case came to a settlement for $5 million, which the state will pay because the university hospital where the operation occurred is a state-run facility.

Understandably, many Ohio residents may fear becoming the victims of medical malpractice. As this case shows, the outcomes can be severe if a mistake takes place during or after surgery. If individuals believe that they or a loved one has suffered negative outcomes as a result of this type of malpractice, they may wish to discuss their legal options with experienced attorneys.