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Man files bad faith claim after adjustor denies roof damage

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Bad Faith Denial Of Patient's Claim For Medical Insurance

Most Ohio residents appreciate having insurance because it brings them some peace of mind that they will have financial assistance in certain situations. For instance, homeowners insurance can help when homes sustain damage in events like severe weather. However, some insurance companies may act in bad faith and deny a claim or indicate that there is less damage than there really is in efforts to provide a lower payout.

This type of situation recently affected a homeowner in another state. Apparently, a hail storm had caused significant damage to the man’s home and surrounding homes, and as a result, he called his insurance company to assess the damage to his roof. While the adjustor did indicate that multiple parts of the home were damaged, he stated that the roof did not need to be replaced.

The man later noticed that 44 homes in his area received new roofs, and as a result, he obtained second and third opinions on his roof’s damage. Both subsequent opinions indicated that there was damage. However, the man’s insurance company refused to acknowledge any damage. As a result, the man is moving forward with a bad faith claim against the insurance company.

It can be disheartening as well as financially challenging when an insurance company does not adhere to a customer’s policy. If Ohio residents have experienced issues with low-ball payout offers, claim denials or lack of acknowledgment of damage, they may want to gain more information bad faith legal claims. Speaking with attorneys experienced in this area of law may prove useful to them.