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The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, and Ohio Super Lawyer Stephen T. Keefe, Jr., proudly represent Ohio families and businesses against their own insurance companies. We have never represented insurance companies, and we never will. We are committed to aggressively enforcing your legal rights when your own insurance company wrongfully denies your insurance claims, deprives you of the defense you are owed when you are sued, grossly undervalues your losses, or abandons or mistreats you after a tragedy like a fire, disability or death occurs.

Ohio insurance law is tedious and complex. While many law firms represent insurance companies throughout Ohio, very few Ohio lawyers focus a significant part of their practice on representing policyholders against their own insurance companies. This is what we do, and we do it proudly.

If you need an experienced Ohio insurance lawyer to represent you or your business against your own insurance company, call us at 216-815-3574 or send an email with the details of your case so we can promptly schedule a free consultation.

Ohio Insurance Coverage Law Firm That Will Take On Your Insurer

The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, and Ohio Super Lawyer Stephen T. Keefe, Jr., provide aggressive Ohio insurance lawyer representation for Ohio families and businesses against their own insurance companies on the following types of claims:

  • Fire Insurance Claims: Fire damage to a home or business can be devastating. Families and businesses are left without a place to live, work or earn an income. Clothing, valuables, assets and records are forever destroyed. Insurance companies are more than happy to take your premiums each month when you pay for this coverage and peace of mind. Yet when tragedy strikes, they oftentimes do everything possible to deny claims, minimize your losses, and sometimes even wrongfully accuse you of arson, misrepresentation or insurance fraud. When this happens, promptly call us at 216-815-3574. We are here to help.
  • Life Insurance Claims: People buy life insurance so their spouses, children and family members can be taken care of if they unexpectedly die. Insurance companies are well aware of this when they happily take the premiums in exchange for the promise to pay these benefits. Yet instead of promptly paying the benefits that are owed when tragedy strikes, insurance companies oftentimes deny claims and refuse to pay what they owe. This can financially ruin a family who is already suffering and trying to pick up the pieces after the death of a loved one.
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes: When you or your business pays premiums for insurance coverage, you are paying for two things: insurance coverage in the event of a claim and a defense funded by the insurance company if you are sued. Even if your insurance company hires a lawyer to defend you if you get sued, it oftentimes pays a different lawyer to file a separate lawsuit seeking a court ruling that it no longer has to provide the insurance coverage and defense you paid for and were promised. This is known as a declaratory judgment action. The lawyer your insurance company hired to defend you in the original lawsuit cannot also represent you in the declaratory judgment action your own insurance company paid a different lawyer to pursue. When this happens, you need an experienced Ohio insurance lawyer who is not paid for by your own insurance company and who will actually fight against your insurance company to protect your rights, not theirs. If this happens, call us at 216-815-3574 or send us an email so we can see what we can do to help you fight for your rights.
  • Enforcing Your Insurance Company's Duty to Defend: As discussed above, when you buy insurance, you are also paying for a defense in the event you are sued. Ohio law imposes a very broad duty on your insurance company to fund your defense if you are sued. Despite that, many insurance companies refuse to provide you or your business with the defense you are owed after you are sued. This can lead to financial ruin if you or your business do not have unlimited financial resources to fund your own defense in court. Worse yet, if you cannot afford to vigorously defend yourself in court, you may be subject to a runaway verdict that could even bankrupt you or your business. When your own insurance company wrongfully refuses to provide you with the defense you paid for, promptly call us at 216-815-3574 or send us an email so we can fight hard to require your insurance company to fulfill its contractual duties.
  • Insurance Bad Faith: Ohio law requires your insurance company to treat you fairly and to settle your claims in a timely and reasonable manner. This is true for claims brought by you against your own insurance company when you suffer a loss, as well as claims brought against you when you are sued. You may be able to bring a separate claim against your own insurance company for what is known as "bad faith" when it fails to treat you fairly. Bad faith claims may exist when your insurance company fails to conduct an adequate investigation into your claim, exploits your vulnerable financial condition, unreasonably delays the handling or payment of your claim, or engages in other unreasonable insurance practices. Depending on the circumstances, your insurance company's bad faith conduct may entitle you to damages for emotional distress, economic harm, attorney fees and even punitive damages. If you need an Ohio bad faith lawyer, call us today at 216-815-3574 or send us an email so we can evaluate your claims.
  • Insurance Agent Negligence: Insurance agents can make mistakes that have profound consequences for your family or business. Insurance agents typically carry their own insurance coverage (known as Errors and Omissions Coverage) that may apply when they negligently fail to discuss or offer certain coverages, fail to obtain the coverages you asked or paid for, obtain the wrong type of coverage, or misrepresent information to the insurance company. Insurance agent negligence, also known as insurance agent malpractice, is a complex area of the law. If you need an experienced Ohio insurance agent malpractice attorney and law firm to review your potential claims, call us today at 216-815-3574 or send us an email for a free consultation. We will thoroughly investigate your claims and vigorously represent your interests if a valid claim exists.
  • Enforcing Final Judgments Against Insurance Companies: Insurance companies sometimes wrongfully refuse to defend their policyholders or pay the insurance proceeds that are owed to satisfy a final judgment rendered in a court of law. When this happens, the person injured by the policyholder's negligence has a judgment but has not yet been able to collect on that judgment. A special statute, Ohio Revised Code Section 3929.06, permits an injured person or business with a final judgment against a policyholder to file a supplemental lawsuit against their insurance company to satisfy the judgment. This is a complex and nuanced area of Ohio law. Experienced Cleveland insurance lawyer Stephen T. Keefe, Jr., and The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, has successfully handled these complex claims and are here to help you do the same. We also work with other lawyers and law firms to satisfy judgments, so call us today at 216-815-3574 or send us an email for a free consultation to see if we can assist you with your claim.

The Keefe Law Firm, LLC, and Ohio Super Lawyer Stephen T. Keefe proudly fight for Ohio families and businesses when their own insurance companies wrongfully deny their claims. Call our office in Lakewood today at 216-815-3574 or send us an email to arrange for a free consultation. We are here to help.


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